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The SpoolBoss DD-1 is a portable, desiccant dehumidifier used for dehumidifying air within a generic plastic storage bin used for storage of 3D printer filament. The DD-1 dries surrounding air within the closed storage bin by absorbing the moisture into the desiccant. When fully absorbed, the desiccant indicator will turn green; letting you know it is time to recharge the DD-1. Just plug it into a standard wall outlet to recharge it, then reuse it over and over again to keep your filament in working order.


SpoolBoss DD-1 Features


  • Rapid dehumidification via desiccant drying
  • Safe, silent and efficient operation 
  • Built-in heater for drying out dessicant as needed
  • Silica gel indicator turns green when moisture is present and it is time to recharge 
  • LED power indicator
  • Maintenance free. No need to place the desiccant pack in an oven or dehydrator-- just plug 5VDC power adapter into a 120VAC wall outlet to recharge.
  • Fully Assembled and ready to use out of the box



SpoolBoss DD-1 Desiccant Dehumidifier

SKU: ST1400-1205
  • Any unused, undamaged, unopened SpoolBoss product in its original packaging is eligible for a full refund within 30 days, although the customer is responsible for any return shipping. In the unlikely event that the unit is opened and there is some sort of defect or quality issue, the system may be replaced with new material or a refund may be issued in some cases if reported within 30 days from purchase date. Please contact Storme Technologies for any questions or to obtain an RMA number.


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