How It Works

 GeckoTek's EZ-Stik print surfaces use material science to solve the biggest problem with 3D printing-- getting parts to adhere well to the platform.


EZ-Stik is the world's first build surface that is truly reliable, reusable, and compatible with virtually any 3D printer. 

Eliminate Warping
Easy Part Removal
Fits Every Printer
Durable-Lasts Over 100 Prints
Minimal Maintenance

Turbocharge and rediscover your 3D printing experience using reusable EZ-STIK Print Surfaces by GeckoTek.


  • Designed for heated 3D print beds

  • Works great with ABS, PLA, PETT, PETG, Nylon and Flexibles

  • Lasts over 100 prints

  • Designed for unheated 3D print beds

  • Optimized for PLA, Flexibles and some PETG

  • Lasts over 100 prints

Compatible with Most 3D Printers

 Perfect for (but not limited to) hobbyists, makers, engineers, schools, product designers, architects and medical professionals. Compatible with virtually any 3D printer that can use non-proprietary print surfaces. 

Create More With EZ-Stik 

Finally, you can easily adhere and remove your parts from the buildplate.


Our mission is to provide only the best in 3D printing,  Prototyping and Technology and to help turn your ideas into a reality. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your next project! If you are looking for what services we offer, please go here to learn more.


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