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Palette 2 and Palette 2 Pro

Simple, Multi-Material 3D Printing.

Multi-material printing on your 3D printer. Combine rigid, flexible and soluble filaments all in a single 3D print.

Unparalleled User Experience.


Palette 2 and Palette 2 Pro works with your printer to provide you with the simplest multi-material printing process possible.

Soluble, flexible, rigid materials.

Enrich your designs using soluble support, flexible materials, and rigid materials all in the same part.







Four colors, one nozzle.

Harness new levels of communication and aesthetics by printing up to four colors in any given design.








Plug-and-play setup.

Get printing with Palette 2 in less than an hour with its guided setup process and CANVAS's online walkthroughs.




Run-out detection and correction.

When one spool runs out, Palette 2 can automatically splice to another spool. Never run out of filament on long prints again.


Palette 2 PRO Upgrades

Palette 2 Pro includes all of the features of Palette 2 but with upgraded components and features such as:

  • Upgraded Splice Core Pro machined out of aluminum for optimal cooling and 20% faster splicing speeds.

  • Extended, 12 Month Warranty and Replacement Parts

  • More PFTE tubing options


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Explore Multi-Material 3D Printing.

Make Prints Colorful
Make Prints Soluble

Several multi-color models printed in PLA.

Hilbert Cubes printed using water soluble supports.

Model by "tbuser" on Thingiverse.

Make Prints Durable

Multi-color guitar picks printed in durable PETG.

Make Prints Flexible

Pliers made from PLA and Flexible TPU.

Tech Specs


One Machine. Many Uses.

Perfect for (but not limited to) hobbyists, makers, engineers, schools, product designers, architects and medical professionals.

Hobbyists and Makers

Create board games with ease


Create educational materials


Demonstrate FEA stress analysis of a part

Medical Professionals and Education

Create 3D printed brain from a patient's MRI scan or use it for educational purposes

Architecture and Interior Design

Create scale models of a recreational resort

Product Designers

Be able to create many design iterations of a mouse to show changes in product lifecycle

Special Features.

Mid-Print Filament Change and Old Spool Splicing

In case you are running low on filament, or you want to change colors or materials mid-print, the Change Filament function lets you swap filaments during a print. Or, Splice that little bit of remaining material on an old spool so you don't waste it.

Gradient Mode

Gradient mode allows you to create stunningly beautiful gradient-based prints

Check My Compatibility.

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Your printer will most likely work with Palette 2 if it:

  • Uses 1.75mm filament
  • Can use third party filament
  • Can use slicers such as Cura, Slic3r, KiSSlicer or Simplify3D
  • Is compatible with .gcode, .x3g, .g3drem, .g, .gco, .makerbot, or .hvs files
Visit the Compatability Guide here for a complete list, or Contact Us

What Others Are Printing with Palette:

Make More With Palette 2

Transform your 3D printer into a multi-material workhorse.

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