This is a pre-built Arduino Uno enclosure in case you don't want to make it yourself. Use this custom, 3D printed Arduino Uno Enclosure to house your Arduino Uno microcontroller. Use the Wall mountable flanges, for mounting the Uno enclosure to a wall or other surface.


This unit is 3D printed and is Made to Order. Actual shipping time may vary, depending on time required to print the unit and assemble it.


If you wish to create your own 3D printed enclosure, you can purchase the hardware kit here, and download the files here.

ArduBox Arduino Uno Enclosure System (Made to Order)

SKU: 1094
    • Dimensions: Approximately 3" Wide x 3" Tall x 1-1/8" Deep
    • IP Rating (Ingress Protection Rating): IP40 
    • Material: PLA, ABS or Other (3D Printed- specify at checkout)
    • Color: Made to Order (can be any color-specify at checkout)
    • Overlay: Lexedge Lexan Overlay with UV Resistant Film
    • Hardware: 2-28 x 1/2 Phillips Pan Head Stainless Steel (Qty-4 pcs)


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