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**Units ordered now are a preorder, and will be shipped once Kickstarter Backer orders are fulfilled.


SpoolBoss 6.0 is the world's first, open-source, 3D printer filament management system (available in four different options) that can store, house, manage, dry, maintain, house and organize your 3D printer filaments into a nice, neat and organized form factor.  


We've identified the need for a low cost, open-source design, that combats all of the day-to-day problems that 3D printer users face every day.   With the SpoolBoss 6.0 there will be no more messy desks or bench-tops. No more need to run filament on a wire rack or open-air system that can get tangled or stuck over time. No more absorbing moisture into your filament because you print in a humid or damp garage, basement "Man Cave" or outdoor shop. No more getting your filaments in the hands of those who shouldn't touch it. No more need for multiple spools or racks to house and organize your filaments!


SpoolBoss Features


  • Rapid Dehumidification via Peltier thermo-electric cooling 
  • Safe, silent and efficient operation 
  • Built-in and adjustable hygrometer
  • Adjustable filament system (height and width for various spools)
  • LED display
  • LED lit enclosure for dark conditions
  • Durable, tough glass door with lock
  • Magnetic cabinet door for tight seal
  • Maintenance free. There are no hoses, pipes or filters to replace on the electronic dehumidifier unit.
  • Heater option with Wifi remote control for filament drying
  • Fully Assembled



SpoolBoss FMS-6.0

  • Any unused, undamaged, unopened SpoolBoss 6.0's in its original packaging is eligible for a full refund within 30 days, although the customer is responsible for any return shipping. In the unlikely event that the unit is opened and there is some sort of defect or quality issue, the system may be replaced with new material or a refund may be issued in some cases if reported within 30 days from purchase date. Please contact Storme Technologies for any questions or to obtain an RMA number.


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